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What are stem cells?

There are about 40 trillion different cells in the human body, each of which has different functions, such as brain cells responsible for thinking, heart cells responsible for supplying blood to the body, etc. These cells are all derived from a universal stem cell. DreamTec has the technology to manufacture human pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells. Universal stem cells have the ability to repair various organs. When we are injured, sick and aging, universal stem cells can replenish lost cells in the body and repair damaged organs and tissues, so that the body can continue to maintain normal operation and restore its youthful state.

DreamTec scientific research team has stem cell 3D fermentation technology, which can produce stem cells on an industrial scale and preserve their pluripotency, which greatly reduces the cost of culturing stem cells. regenerative medicine technology. Stem cells can be used to repair specific tissues or growth organs, and change the response to human diseases, so it will become one of the mainstream medical methods in the future.

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